Sports Photography
© 2011 Dino Robinson
Nobody has been able to say what sport is, quite.
But life would hardly be the same without it.
Perhaps thatís because sport means a number of opposite things.
It means fact and it means fancy.
It is as tangible as a baseball bat an as intangible as a frosty morning;
exciting as a photo-finish , serene as ebb tide.
It is competition; composure; memory; anticipation.
Sport is not all things to all people.
But today it is something in more different ways to more people than it has
ever been before.
It is play for many and work for a few.
It is what no one has to do and almost everyone wants to do. It represents
on the one hand, challenges willingly accepted - and on the other, gambits
willingly declined.
It is as loud as Dodger Stadium at the climax of a World Series - and as
quiet as snow.
It is exercise and rest. It is man exuberant and man content.
Sport is not art or religion, morals or ideals.
But with all these it shares
values which are at least humanly
high and always highly human.
Sport is a wonderful world.

-Unknown -